What is F Gas Legislation? Fluorinated green house gases (F-gas)

European regulation on certain F gases has come in to force in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Ozone depleting gases are to be replaced by fluorinated gases. One of the requirements of the regulation is to carry our periodic leak checking of any equipment containing F gases. The frequency of these checks depends on the quantity of gas:

  • 3kg F gas - minimum annual leak check
  • 30kg F gas – minimum one check every 6 months
  • 300kg F gas – minimum one check every 3 months


Recovery of refrigerants from systems:

  • Each Owner/operator of systems shall ensure the destruction, re cycling, reclamation of R410A by verified and certified engineers
  • When an R410A container has reached the end of its life, the person using the container for transport or storage purposes shall be responsible for the proper recovery of any residue
  • Recovery, for the purpose of re-cycling, reclamation or destruction of R410A shall take place before the final disposal of that equipment and if appropriate, during its maintenance or service.


Training and certification of Citycool Engineers:

There are requirements for training and certifying for companies handling F gases. Citycool engineers have received all the relevant training and certification.