Renovation and Building Areas

A huge amount of dust is generated wherever building or renovation is taking place. Dust and air contamination build up has an adverse effect on both the health of the workers on site and the people and processes in adjacent areas.

  • High concentration of duct can be generated by many construction activities, such as: sandblasting, demolition work mixing of mortars and tile adhesives and use of equipments such as drills and angle grinders.
  • Dust can remain in the breathing air space for hours. A builder will generally inhale about 10,000 litres of air per working day. Up to 95% of the dust inhales is exhaled, coughed up or swallowed. The remaining 5% however, is not to be taken lightly and can cause serious illness.
  • Dusts from stones containing quartz, synthetic mineral fibres, wood, cellulose and asbestos are particularly dangerous.
  • The contamination of room air by foreign bodies can therefore cause serious illness and must therefore be combated effectively.