An air-conditioning unit is a device that will condition the air within a certain area, to the temperature that the user desires. An air conditioning unit can cool the air or heat the air. An air conditioning unit will also extract the humidity from the air.

The main function of an air conditioning unit is to provide comfortable temperatures or set temperatures for the user. It does this by circulating thermostatically controlled air.

  • Portable air conditioners provide a really easy solution to problems caused by heat, cold or humidity in the office, home, factory or equipment centre. We can wheel them in, plug them in, exhaust out and we have instant results.
  • Portable air conditioners work by taking the heat from the air in a room exhausting it to the outside while at the same time sending the air back into the room, cleaned (by filters), dehumidified and chilled to the desired temperature.
  • Heat and stuffiness reduce your performance and concentration. Portable air conditioning is the answer. They can promote a feeling of well being at home or in the work place – any where you want a pleasant indoor atmosphere.