Citycool supply, install, maintain and service ALL air conditioning and climate control systems from a single small high wall split system to Air Handling Units and water chillers, nationwide.

Fixed Air conditioning units come in several shapes and sizes, designed to suit any application:

Ceiling Cassette Units

This type of air conditioning unit is ideal for commercial premises where floor and wall space is at a premium. Cooling and heating capacities range from 5kw up to 15kw. These air conditioning units are very quiet in operation and are designed to be mounted flush with suspended ceilings. Controls are normally wall mounted control panels. The cassette is square in shape and has supply grilles on each of the four sides. This ensures even conditioned air distribution. This makes the ceiling cassette ideal for open plan offices and large areas.
Compact Ceiling Cassette Units

Similar to standard ceiling cassette units except the compact body of the indoor unit fits in a 600x600mm common ceiling panel – directly replacing a standard ceiling tile.
Under Ceiling Units

The under ceiling unit hangs under the ceiling and unlike the ceiling cassette the hole body of the unit is visible. The conditioned air is supplied via a single grille at the front on the unit. The Under Ceiling unit can circulate the air 6m from the grille. This feature makes the Under ceiling unit ideal for long narrow offices and retail units, IT Server rooms or especially applications where there is a limited ceiling void.
Ducted or Hideaway Units

These air conditioning units are ideal for offices, studios or retail outlets where air distribution is beyond the reach of the standard type of split unit. The ducted air conditioning unit is usually hidden from view in ceiling void or attic. A network of air distribution ducts can be connected to the unit which can then supply conditioned air to several rooms at the same time. Air distribution grilles are connected to each duct and ensure uniform temperature distribution in large or heavily partitioned areas.
Floor Mounted Units

The indoor unit can be mounted at low level on a wall. Suitable as a direct replacement for a radiator or for refurbishment projects and small spaces with its compact space saving design.
High Wall Mounted Units

These air conditioning units are mounted on brackets and fixed to the wall, generally close to the ceiling. High wall units are available in cooling and heating capacities from 2kw-11kw. They are ideal conditioning small offices, retail outlets and IT Server rooms.

An Air Handling Unit or Air Handler is a device that is used to circulate and condition air as part of a HVAC system. (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning). An air handler is a large metal box, which contains a fan, heating and/or cooling coils, filters, dampers and sound attenuators. Air handlers are usually connected to a ducting system which will distribute the conditioned air around the building and then a percentage of it back to the air handling unit.


Climate Control

This term is used to describe the automatic setting of temperature where the climate control system provides either cooling or heating automatically to reach a previously set temperature. The air conditioning system will keep the room at that set temperature.