• Use in new Equipment banned from 1st January 2001
    -    Fixed AC under 100kw was exempted until mid 2002, but has now been included in the ban
    -    Reversible AC heat pumps exempted until 1st Jan 2004
  • Use in existing systems
    -    Ban on use of all virgin R22 for maintenance and repair from 1st Jan 2010
    -    Ban on use of all R22 for maintenance and repair from 1st Jan 2015
  • Could the dates change?
    -    Yes: The 2015 is being reviewed.

Legislation is enforcing the removal and replacement of the refrigerant R22.

Why? Studies have shown that R22 gas has a detrimental effect on the ozone alyer resulting in excessive UV levels.

Many companies which are affected by this legislation are taking the opportunity to comply with the new regulations earlier than planned:

The majority of R22 systems are at least one third of the way through their life and as they require modernisation companies are choosing to phase out these systems rather than incur the needless expense of repairing or maintaining them.

Also all new refrigeration products use new refrigeration gases, such as R404A or R407C, which have zero ozone depleting properties. These new refrigeration gases are also proven to be more energy efficient.

The full gas upgrade is only necessary if some fault develops which requires that refrigerant needs to be added to the system eg gas leak or compressor failure etc.

While there is no need to make any changes/upgrades to ta working system it may be wise to plan ahead and make any upgrades when it suits your trading timetable, rather than waiting until a major faults develops.

You can check if your systems have R22 gas in them by checking the label on the side of the unit.

The EPA has more information on their website www.epa.ie