Faster Building Drying

For even faster drying, air circulators (fans) should be used in conjunction with your dehumidifier. Stronger air circulation leads to faster evaporation. Air, which is propelled by an air circulator, moves at speed over damp surfaces (floors/walls etc) and acts as a sponge, before it is sucked into the dehumidifier.

  • The drying time can be halved using both a dehumidifier and an air circulator.

Building Drying radically reduces heating costs

Shorter and shorter building times and the increasing use of heat insulation mean that the moisture introduced during the building process is not permitted to be properly dried out. Damage as a result of excessive residual damp is inevitable. Heating costs for the home owner with residual damp are 200-300% higher in the first three years than for a dry building. This is due to the moisture related high heat conductivity.

  • Heating costs are two-three times higher in the three years after the building is completed if the building fabric is damp.


Protection against dust during building work

Large amounts of dust is inevitably generated during building and restoration work. Alarmingly, according to recent surveys, the permissible maximum values for dust particles in the work place do not afford adequate protection against lung cancer.

This means that employees in the building industry are, amongst others, affected by breathable fine dust particles – even when the material itself is not considered to be toxic.

The removal of dust and dirt particles by suction is a tries and tested method of reducing dust exposure to your employees and yourself.

The fans Citycool supply can be adapted to bring in fresh air into a site or alternatively take air out. We can attached a dust bag to the fans to extract and filter dust particles. These washable dust bags have a permeability of max <1%. They comply with Dust Class L and are in accordance with DIN EN 60335 2 69 governing the use of filters in dust removing units.


High pressured delivery over long distances

Citycool can supply (for hire or sale) centrifugal fans which can deliver large amounts of high pressured fresh air over long duct distances to any application.