Reduce your energy usage, your utility bills and your carbon emissions by following the guidelines listed below:

  1. Shop Around. Make sure your energy supplier offers the best value. Prices for gas and electricity can vary by up to 10%.
  2. Ensure that your building insulation is surveyed properly and that meets the required standard.
  3. Make sure all your electrical and mechanical equipment is regularly maintained. Blocked filters, coils will reduce operating efficiency by a minimum of 20%.
  4. Review your utility usage requirements on a regular basis.


100% of gas bills are for heating and cooling. 40% of electricity bills are for heating and cooling. If you can keep the hours of usage to a minimum and reduce temperature settings by even one degree it will decrease your costs.

  • Do not have your toilet extraction fans on 24/4. Set them up to run only when there is a demand for extraction.
  • Discourage staff from using a personal heater.
  • Encourage staff to close window blinds on hot, sunny days to reduce sun exposure and therefore reduce the energy required for cooling the work space.
  • Encourage staff to open blinds during a cold but sunny day in order to reduce heating requirements.