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4-in-1 infrared measuring device which can measure surface temperature, air temperature and humidity measurement with automatic dew point alarm


Quick and easy dew point determination

BP25 from Citycool tested by the consumer portal VERGLEICH.ORG.


With the very high quality pyrometer dew point scanner BP25 you can scan all surfaces to check for potential risk of mould developing. You can quickly and easily measure wall surface temperatures via infrared without contact and at the same time automatically determine the dew point temperature value. The measured values ​​can be read clearly and easily on the backlit LCD display, with the new integrated 20:1 dual laser.

In order to determine the dew point, the device also measures the current room temperature and the moisture content of the air. 

Thanks to its acoustic and visual alarm function (based on traffic light system) and the integrated bar graph indicator, the BP25 offers you quick orientation, even with larger measuring areas. It will show if dew point has been reached or passed and whether there is a risk of mould formation due to condensation. 

As a long-term increase in relative humidity of approx. 70% is sufficient for the formation of mould on material surfaces, the BP25 warns you acoustically and visually a few degrees before the actual dew point is reached. It is therefore worth checking the cold wall areas early with the BP25 in order to find out if there is condensation.


With 20: 1 optics, the measuring spot is always in view

With the infrared pyrometer BP25 you measure the surface temperature of walls, materials and objects without contact, i.e. without touching the material to be measured. In order to be able to estimate the exact range of the measurement (measuring spot), the BP25 has a dual laser pointer:  Two laser points are projected onto the surface to be measured, which precisely mark the diameter of the measuring spot. Within this area, the temperature value is recorded by an infrared sensor and an average value is determined. The smaller the measurement spot, the more precise the measurement. Thanks to its geometric resolution of 20: 1, the hand-held measuring device enables you to make accurate measurements even from a distance of a few meters.


Is there a risk of mould?

Since the BP25 also has an air temperature sensor and a humidity sensor (measuring range from 0% to 100% relative humidity) in addition to the infrared surface temperature measurement, the dew point temperature is automatically calculated from these 3 values. In addition to the exact values, a sound signal and / or the colour of the LCD display (traffic light system) indicate if the measured values ​​are in the critical range. A green display means "everything is OK", orange signals that the measured values ​​are approaching the critical dew point value and a red display clearly shows that the determined temperature is dangerously close to the dew point or that the dew point is already being reached or undercut.


Can form condensation.

With large-scale measurements on walls in particular, you can use acoustic and / or optical alarms to quickly scan where critical points are - without having to pay attention to the exact measured values. In addition, the bar graph indicator shown on the display also provides quick orientation based on an easy-to-understand bar chart and shows you schematically on a scale from 0% to 100% how much the measured values ​​have already approximated the dew point temperature.


Clearly explained: What exactly is the dew point?

The ambient air around us contains moisture. Especially in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the bedroom, the humidity level is often increased. Generally speaking, the warmer the air is, the more moisture it can absorb. Conversely, the following applies: when the warm, humid air hits a colder surface, the air cools down, the air moisture then condenses and the finest water droplets form on the cold surface. The "dew point" or "dew point temperature" is exactly the temperature value that must be reached so that the room air releases its moisture in the form of condensed water. 

In the bathroom the cold mirror mists up when you take a hot shower. Moisture forms particularly often on poorly insulated wall surfaces and so-called "thermal bridges", because the temperatures of interior walls are often cooler than the rest of the wall.

Whether in basements, attics, windows or on the inside of insufficiently insulated outer walls - to determine whether there is a permanent risk of mould, it is advisable to check the wall temperature regularly. It is best to measure at different times (in the morning, during the day, in the evening, at night), in different weather conditions and in all seasons to rule out the possibility of condensation forming at the critical points.

Once there is mould present, it is difficult to get rid of it. On the other hand, a meaningful control measurement with the BP25 pyrometer dew point scanner can be carried out quickly and easily.


Versatile use

Due to the large temperature measurement range from -50 ° C to 260 ° C, the flexible BP25 is not only recommended for use as a dew point scanner but also for other applications. The contactless infrared measurement reliably protects you from surfaces that are too hot or too cold.

Whether heating system, hot pipes, tanks, boilers, engine blocks, switch boxes or deep-freeze storage - measure the temperature without burning your hands or "sticking" to ice-cold surfaces. 


The infrared thermometer is operated wirelessly using the supplied 9 volt block battery. Thanks to the battery status indicator on the LCD display, you always have the current charge level in view. For a maximum runtime, the BP25 automatically switches itself off to save energy when not in use - so you can carry out countless measuring operations with the BP25 pyrometer dew point scanner!


The BP25 dew point scanner from Citycool was tested in February 2019 and awarded the overall grade GUT as the price-performance winner


Practical advantages:

  • Measurement of surface temperature, air temperature, air humidity and dew point temperature with just one device
  • Dew point alarm display through display colour change, alarm tone and bar graph indicator
  • Non-contact surface temperature measurement by infrared from -50 ° C to 260 ° C
  • Measuring optics 20: 1
  • Measuring spot diameter display through dual laser pointer
  • Backlit display
  • Auto shutdown
  • Practice-optimized German industrial design - protected design

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