Citycool High pressure air purifiers form the TAC range are the ideal for the air extraction from and the cleaning of working areas contaminated with hazardous substances.

These appliances with sturdy metal enclosures have been designed for the rough and tumble of everyday use on the building site. Stainless steel castors and lockable brakes ensure ease of movement and stable fixing.

A number of different filter types and combinations can be installed into the filter box in the TAC in order to achieve the optimum cleansing of the surrounding air and match any level of air contamination.

The cleaning of air contaminated by hazardous substances takes place by means of vacuum recirculation:

The fan of the air purifier draws in the particle contaminated room air and feeds the air through the unit and through the filters contained in the unit. The filtration of coarse and fine dust (pre filter) as well as bacteria and viruses (suspended matter filter) takes place at this stage. Following cleansing the clean air is exhausted back in to the ambient air.

For use on building sites and in strongly contaminated environments, the appliances can also be stationed outside the room in question, for a highly efficient extraction. The rooms are sealed and the extraction of the contaminated room air and the supply of fresh air can take place with the use of flexible air ducts.