Unit: ITA45: Oil Fired Indirect Heater with Flue Connection

Available for Hire & Sale

Working Principle:

  • 100% Clean Dry Heat
  • Fixed outlet temperature approx. 100-120ºC (at 0 Pa counter pressure)
  • 1 way pipe system prevents fuel disturbance
  • High efficiency heat exchanger (91%)
  • Room Ventilation required
  • Fuel Not supplied by Citycool
Model ITA45
Capacity 45.1kw Heating
Fuel Consumption oil max. 2.4 Litres/hr
Heated Air Flow 3,000 m³/hr
Max. ventilator back pressure 200 pa
Tank Capacity 80 L
Dimensions L1630 x H900 x W620mm
Weight 105kg
Fuel Type Diesel/heating oil or paraffin / kerosene
Power Consumption 230v 3.3amps
Outlet Cone diameter 400mm diameter
Flue Connection diameter 150mm diameter
Thermostat connection Yes
High pressure pump for diesel / paraffin Yes
Tank Burn Duration 16 hours (20% more than competitors)

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