1. Economical: Can be up to 50% less expensive that standard portable air conditioning units
  2. Energy Saving: Evaporative coolers use up to 70% less power than standard portable air conditioning units.
  3. Vent Cooling: Doors and windows can be kept open while cooling which is useful for kitchen cooling.
  4. Cleaning the air: Evaporative coolers filter dust and provide fresh air.
  5. Green products: Evaporative coolers are an environmentally friendly product, with no CFC’s or gases that are harmful to the environment.

Handy Tip for better evaporative cooling

For best performance of an evaporative cooler, position the unit in a location that will generate a “flow through” air effect. The greatest cooling effect will be felt if the unit is operated beside a partly opened doorway or window with the chilled air directed in to the room. It is also beneficial to have a door or window partly opened on the far side of the room to create the flow through effect.