Humidification of certain areas can be very important, especially, badly ventilated, heated rooms. In closed off, well heated rooms such as these, the relative humidity often falls well below the optimum value of 45-55%. Occupants of such rooms feel the effects of dry air with sore throats and eyes etc. Furniture, antiques, paintings, musical instruments and books can suffer serious damage if the air is too dry. Reliable humidification and filtration of the ambient air can prevent this damage.

Humidifiers not only humidify the air, the also filter it, cleanse it of dust and prevent the build up of electrostatic charge.

Generally humidifiers operate by the cold evaporation principle: The dry air is drawn into the humidifier and through a filter. It is cleansed and directed through a rotating moistened filter disc. The air absorbs the required moisture and is then evenly distributed back into the room, with no condensation.

For hygiene reasons, Citycool recommend the use of some accessories for hygienic humidification operation. These accessories prevent the formation of germs and algae and their unpleasant odours:

Ionic Silver Stick and Water Fresh Solution


  • Silver Stick

    The ionisation stick (ionic silver stick) which is tries and tested by the renowned Fresenius Institute, is simply placed into the water tank where it prevents the formation of germs.

    The Ionic silver stick works on the germ killing properties of silver without significantly increasing the silver content of the water. The silver stick is effective against 650 different types of bacteria and virus strains and it should be replaced every 12 months.
  • Water Fresh

    The hygiene solution Water Fresh serves to prevent the formation of bacteria and algae much the same as the Silver Stick does. It also reduces the surface tension of the water and this in turn leads to an increase in performance. A further effect is a reduction in mineral deposits, which also results in longer filter life.

    Both the silver stick and the water fresh used together ensure high water quality and lower running costs in a dusty and highly polluted environment.