When purchasing your dehumidifier it is definitely a good thing to make comparisions. In the small dehumidifier sector in particular there can be large differences in quality – and products that appear similar at first glance, may not be when their capacities are compared and examined carefully.

Some suppliers recommend dehumidifiers based on room size data which in many cases relate to theoretical maximum values (for example a room temperature of 35ºC with 90%RH). These values are usually only achievable in laboratory conditions and almost never in practical use. The expected ambient temperature of the room is always decisive when choosing the appliance. In particular in the case of unheated rooms in which long term average temperatures of <15ºC prevail, effective dehumidification requires a unit with a defrosting system and a higher compressor performance.

You must also keep in selection whether you just want to maintain a certain level of dryness in a room or you are drying a room after water damage.

At Citycool we will help you choose the best dehumidifier for your particular application with our many years of experience in this area.